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Shepherd's Plaid

Stuart Ruaidri Erskine wrote in 1901 that the plaid "is an essential part of the Highland dress, and though fashion may have decreed and encouraged its disuse, yet the genius of the garb obviously requires and demands the addition of this graceful covering, without which -- which is the best proof of its necessity -- it neither looks, nor can be, complete."

Today, the only plaid known and worn by most kilted gentlemen outside of pipe bands is the rather abbreviated "fly plaid," reserved for formal occasions.  During the nineteenth century, the most common form of plaid worn by Highland men was the Shepherd's plaid, suitable for both fashion and warmth for general day wear.  This garment is perfectly illustrated in the painting The Good Shepherd, by Richard Ansdell (1815-1885), shown below.
Traditional Shepherd's Plaid
Traditional Shepherd's Plaid

Black and white check, standard finish.

The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd

painting by Richard Ansdell (1815-1885)

Our recreation of this traditional plaid is woven in Scotland from 100% worsted heavy weight wool.  It is custom woven approximately 28" to 30" wide, with a traditional closed selvage along either length. The plaid is  approximately four yards long with a traditional border pattern on the ends, which feature a hand purled fringe.  Custom woven to order in standard black and white check, or any custom color combination you require (we can even do tartan!). 
To Order:
Your custom shepherd's plaid costs $450.  Each is woven to order, so please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery.  Standard colors are black and white shepherd's check.  As each is custom made, we can accomodate most special requests.  If you desire colors other than black and white, a specific size check pattern, or even a tartan pattern, please enter that information in the "Special Instructions" field.  We will confirm all details via email.

For an explanation of the different cloth finishing options, please see the information about our heirloom kilts, here

Once your order request is recieved, we will contact you via email and send you an electronic invoice for payment.  You may pay with a credit card, PayPal account, or e-check.   Your order is not considered confirmed until payment has been received. 
Shepherd's Plaid Order Form
Black and white are traditional colors, but others are possible.  The plaid above was woven in dark and light grey.  What custom colors can we create for you?
We are having technical difficulties with our online form at the moment....  while we resolve the problem, please simply email us with your shepherd's plaid order request.  Thanks!